Evaluation Methodology

As a major point of focus for our business, CSES is continuously refining the methodology it deploys in the conduct of evaluations, impact assessments and related activities and has made a number of contributions in this area to the approach and techniques now employed by our major clients.  Examples of our work include:

  • Review of Methods for Evaluating Structural Fund Employment Effects – this assignment for the European Commission’s DG REGIO set out a good practice methodology and identified the scope for improving practices in EU Member States.
  • Guidance on Evaluation and Monitoring of Structural Funds Interventions – CSES produced two separate guides for the 2007-13 programming period for the Lithuanian Ministry of Finance, focusing on evaluation and monitoring respectively.
  • A study on the Impact of Regulation on SME Productivity by Business Process for BERR in the UK - this proposes a way of accounting for  the diversity of the small firm sector in estimating the impacts of regulation.