Impact Assessment

Impact Assessment is a process that prepares evidence for political decision-makers on the advantages and disadvantages of possible policy options. It has been increasingly used in the drive towards Better Regulation at EU and national level in recent years and involves assessing the impacts of possible policy measures on the economy, on the broader community and on the environment. CSES has carried out work within the frameworks established by the European Commission’s Impact Assessment Guidelines and the UK Treasury’s Green Book, including cost-benefit analysis, administrative burden assessment, scenario development and intervention logic and modelling. Examples of this type of work carried out by the CSES team includes:

  • The Impact of Regulation on SME Productivity by Business Process - a study for the UK Department of Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform
  • Evaluation of the Impact of the Proposed European Patent Court  - a study undertaken for the UK’s Intellectual Property Office in 2008 on the potential impact on different interest groups  of proposals to establish a European Patent Court
  • Impact Assessment of the Costs and Benefits of a Recommendation on Property Valuation, Foreclosure Procedures and Land Registration -  a  study for DG MARKT in 2008 which made estimates of the impacts of differing scenarios possible in a Commission proposal for a Recommendation covering specific areas of the mortgage market.