Programme and Policy Evaluation

CSES has extensive experience of programme evaluation across the full range of the programme evaluation lifecycle, including ex ante evaluation, intermin evaluation, ex post evaluation, thematic and meta-evaluations as well as ongoing evaluations. Examples include:

  • Ex post evaluation of Eurofound's 2005-2008 Work Programme - CSES has been commissioned to evaluate the extent to which the objectives of the work programme have been met and to make recommendations for the future.


CSES also carries out policy evaluations, examining the coherence of policy frameworks and the cogency of their intervention logic, especially when set against evidence on actual performance and on practices adopted elsewhere.  Examples of work in these areas include:

  • Ex ante evaluation of a Future Well Being Policy for Commission Staff – this work for DG ADMIN involved consulting on and then developing a well-being policy to promote work-life balance, health and safety and other aspects of well-being.
  • Mid-term evaluation of the European Action Plan 2003-2010 on Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities – this assignment for DG EMPL involved a review of activities supported through the Action Plan to mainstream disability considerations across a range of relevant EU policy areas.
  • Evaluation of the Relationship between the Commission and its Retired Staff – the aim of the study for DG ADMIN was to provide an analysis of EU policy in respect of relations with retired Commission staff leading to practical recommendations for further improvement of the current policy and identifying future policy options.