Access to Finance

We have undertaken a number of projects relating to access to finance and the use of risk financing instruments as a regional development tool. For information on our service offering in the area of access to finance and risk financing, please contact    Mike Gardiner.
Examples of our work in the area of access to finance include:
  • Guide to Risk Capital Financing in Regional Policy - CSES developed a Guide for DG REGIO targeted at regional authorities which provides examples of risk financing instruments supported in the 2000-06 Structural Fund programmes. Types of instruments outlined included venture capital funds, interest rate subsidies and SME loan guarantees.
  • Evaluation of ERDF-backed risk financing instruments in Objective 1 and 2 regions – this evaluation for DG REGIO focused on the use of Structural Funds in supporting risk financing in the 2000-06 programming period. The assignment involved an assessment of the effectiveness of Venture Capital and Loan Funds (VCLFs) set up by regional authorities, and the identification of best practices, such as the combination of risk financing to start-ups and fast-growth firms with access to ‘soft’ support services to help firms grow.
  • Evaluation of ERDF funds venture capital and loan funds, and the Scottish Co-Investment Fund (2007) - this evaluation was undertaken for the Scottish Executive and involved an assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of ERDF-supported VCLFs in Scotland in the 2000-06 period.