Business Incubation and Science and Technology Parks

CSES has experience in undertaking assignments related to business incubation and science and technology parks. Our expertise includes: feasibility studies of proposed incubation and science park initiatives, developing strategies for their phased growth and development, and performance benchmarking. We developed the first methodology for assessing incubator performance at EU level. Examples of work include:

  • Science Alliance's ‘Best Science based Incubator’ - CSES is responsible, together with Technopolicy and Science Alliance, for running this annual award scheme and for identifying participating incubators and for selecting the winners. CSES has developed a methodology for comparing the performance of incubators which involves defining a list of performance indicators, analysing questionnaire responses and scoring and ranking incubators.
  • Benchmarking business incubators – CSES developed a methodology for evaluating the operation and performance of business incubators and collected quantitative and qualitative information from 125 incubators EU-wide. The study identified performance benchmarks and best practices in incubator management. The performance framework and benchmarking results have been extensively used in Europe and internationally.

Impact Assessment of Science Parks including Kent and Aston Science Parks – the work involved assessing the economic and employment impacts of the parks, and developing a strategy for future growth and development

Oher work in the area of science and technology parks includes the carrying out of feasibility studies, as well as work to map out incubation provision with a view to informing UK government incubation policy.

Feasibility study of 'Sunrise Valley' (Vilnius, Lithuania) - a knowledge-intensive cluster linked to two major Universities focusing on the biotechnology, IT and optical laser sectors

Biotechnology Incubators and Grow-on Facilities in the UK – study to assess supply and demand for incubation space and grow-on facilities in the bio-tech sector. The study involved a mapping exercise of bioincubation provision and sought to identify good practice lessons for the successful operation of bioincubators

Additionally, we have conducted a number of economic impact assessments of well-established science park initiatives in the UK. We have also assessed supply and demand for incubators at both a spatial and sectoral level. At a policy level, CSES has analysed the role of science parks in promoting the transition to the knowledge economy at EU, national and regional levels.

Please contact  Jack Malan further information with regard to CSES’ work in the area of incubators and science parks.