Equality and Diversity

CSES has a strong track record in the field of equality and diversity. We have carried out a large number of studies and evaluations in this area including work to develop diversity metrics, work on non-discrimination mainstreaming in EU policy making, studies on gender equality and on people with disabilities.  The labour market inclusion of particular groups at risk of disadvantage in the workplace has also been analysed. 

For further information in respect of CSES’ work on equality and diversity, please send CSES an email to: Mark Whittle

Examples of CSES projects in the area of equality and diversity include:
  • Non-discrimination Mainstreaming Impact Assessment – in this study for the European Commission, CSES examined the mainstreaming of non-discrimination in EU policies, legislation and programmes on the various grounds of discrimination covered by Directive 2000/78 (race /ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age and sexual orientation).
  • Mid-Term Evaluation of the European Disability Action Plan 2003-2010 - the CSES team examined progress towards the implementation of the Action Plan’s aims: mainstreaming a disability perspective in EU policies, legislation and programmes, improving "accessibility for all" and ensuring the full and effective implementation of the Employment Framework Directive.
  • Costs and Benefits of Diversity Policies in Companies - CSES carried out this study for DG EMPL to establish a measurement framework consisting of relevant indicators to assess the costs and benefits of diversity policies in European companies. The study also examined levels of awareness about the business benefits of diversity among blue-chip firms and SMEs.
  • Progress towards Gender Equality in the 6th Framework Programme on Research and Technological Development - this work involved the co-ordination of six parallel gender monitoring studies in respect of the European Commission’s 6th RTD Framework Programme