Internal Market and Better Regulation

CSES has expertise in carrying out assignments to improve the functioning of the Internal Market in line with Better Regulation principles. We have carried out work in the area of free movement of goods and services. Recent assignments include:

  • Impact assessment of Costs and Benefits of a Recommendation on Property Valuation, Foreclosure Procedures and Land Registration (DG MARKT) – the Impact Assessment included a quantification of the costs of adopting a Recommendation to the Member States in these three areas. The estimates were made using the Standard Cost Model (SCM) and the Commission’s Impact Assessment Guidelines.
  • Impact assessment of the Prospectus Directive on EU capital markets (DG MARKT) – the study looked at the impact of the introduction of the Prospectus Directive, including unintended consequences.
  • Evaluation of Thresholds for Micro-Entities (DG MARKT) – the study examined the scope for redefining the size thresholds for micro entities as part of efforts by the Commission to simplify the business environment for SMEs, in this instance, in relation to accounting requirements.
  • Barriers to Trade in Business Services (DG MARKT, DG ENTR) – the study reviewed obstacles to the achievement of the Internal Market in business services.
While the studies above included a Better Regulation dimension, some work carried out has had an explicit Better Regulation focus:
  • Evaluation of the European Business Test Panel (DG MARKT) – the EBTP provides a mechanism through which the Commission can undertake online consultations directly with individual enterprises across Europe on a range of topics relating to EU policies and legislation likely to affect business.
  • Benchmarking the Administration of Business Start-Ups – for the Commission’s DG Enterprise, CSES undertook a study to benchmark start-up procedures across the EU to identify good practice in minimising the obstacles faced by firms in setting up new enterprises.
  • Evaluation of  Burdens of Environment Related Regulation on SMEs (European Commission, DG Enterprise, 2006/07) - evaluation of the financial and administrative costs of environmental regulation for SMEs in Europe. The research involved a large scale survey of SMEs across 5 sectors and in 5 EU countries as well as an in-depth interview programme with 50 companies.

For further information in respect of CSES’ work in the areas of the Internal Market and Better Regulation, please contact  Mike Coyne or  Mike Gardiner