Regional Policy and Structural Funds

A CSES core area of expertise is regional policy and structural funds. We have carried out a large number of Structural Funds programme evaluations (ex-ante, interim and ex-post, as well as thematic evaluations) at EU level, in the UK, and elsewhere (Lithuania, Czech Republic, Malta). For more information about our work in the area of EU regional policy and Structural Funds, please contact Jack Malan or Mark Whittle.

 Examples of relevant assignments include:

  • Ex Ante Evaluation of South East England 2000-06 Objective 2 Programme - CSES carried out the evaluation for the Government Office for South East England. The work involved assessing the programme strategy and the extent to which it was appropriate to identified needs, and advising on appropriate performance indicators
  • Ex Ante Evaluation of Lithuania's 2007-13 Operational Programmes - CSES led the ex-ante evaluation of 3 Operational Programmes, focusing on human resource development, economic growth and the productive environment and the promotion of cohesion.
  • Ex Ante Evaluation of East of England 2007-13 Competitiveness Operational Programme - this study involved working in parallel with the Government Office and others to assess the emerging programme documents for the Structural Fund interventions planned for 2007-13
  • Evaluation of the horizontal themes in the Lithuanian Structural Funds Programmes 2004-06 - the evaluation assessed the role of the programmes in promoting equal opportunities among disadvantaged groups in the labour market.
  • Mid Term Evaluation of East Wales 2000-06 Objective 2 Programme (Welsh European Funding Executive, 2002/03) - the evaluation research Wales involved a combination of desk research to analyse regional and programme data, interviews with key partners and survey work. In the final  report, we commented on the continuing relevance of the Objective 2 strategy to East Wales, the extent to which outputs were in line with targets, and other issues such as how well the programme was being managed overall.
  • Ex Post Evaluation of 1994-99 Objective 2 Programmes - the research for the Commission’s DG REGIO covered 82 Objective 2 regions across Europe. The findings were set out in national reports for each country covered by Objective 2 and in an overall EU level synthesis report.