Feasibility Studies and Organisational Reviews

Feasibility studies are used in the public sector to assess the viability of going ahead with a particular initiative. It involves an assessment of the costs and benefits and often incorporates a thorough demand and supply side assessment. Feasibility studies typically combine an analysis of the strategic context, a definition of the organisation’s specific aims and target market, together with plans covering financial and other operational aspects. The CSES team has carried out a number of feasibility studies. Examples include:

  • Feasibility Study of Sunrise Valley Science Park, Lithuania – CSES carried out a demand and supply side assessment of this proposed incubator and science park, which subsequently secured several million euros in ERDF funding.
  • Feasibility Study of the Transmanche Business School – CSES investigated the feasibility of setting up a cross-border network combining business schools from Kent and Nord-Pas de Calais.
  • Business Incubators – The CSES team has carried out many feasibility studies for the European Commission, World Bank and UNDP to establish business incubators.

Organisational Reviews are carried out in a way that secures the ‘buy-in’ of staff to both the review exercise and any potential resulting changes. In addition to an appreciation of the strategic context and the skills required to examine different aspects of an organisation’s operations, there is a need to work closely with clients at every stage in an assignment. The CSES team has carried out a number of organisational reviews for public sector clients. Examples include:

  • Review of Kent County Council’s Regeneration Services – CSES carried out a cross-departmental review of services relevant to economic and social regeneration to help identify how different functions might be more efficiently combined.
  • Evaluation of the EMCDDA (DG JLS) – CSES was appointed to review the activities of the EMCDDA, responsible for monitoring drugs and drug addiction, and to assess whether the tasks, functions and responsibilities of the Agency were appropriate.
  • Review of ACAS ‘Equality Direct’ Helpline – CSES carried out a review of the ACAS telephone helpline for SMEs which deals with enquires on equality and diversity issues in the workplace.