A large number of evaluation assignments, impact assessments and other studies carried out by CSES have been published in the public domain. Selected examples of our work are provided below:

European  Commission

  • Evaluation and Exchange of Good Practices for the Sustainable Supply of Raw Materials within the EU (DG ENTR)
  • Evaluation of Internal Market Legislation for Industrial Products (DG ENTR)
  • Evaluation of the European IPR Helpdesk (DG ENTR)
  • Evaluation of the Implementation of the 2006 Commission Communication on Business Transfers (DG ENTR)
  • Evaluation of Market Practices and Policies on SME Rating (DG ENTR)
  • Evaluation of the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (DG JUST)
  • Evaluation Study on the application of the Timeshare Directive (DG JUST) 
  • Study for an Impact Assessment on Possible Changes to the Misleading Advertising Directive (DG JUST)
  • Study into evidence of potential impacts of options for revising the Data Retention Directive (DG HOME) 
  • Study for an Impact Assessment on a proposal for a new legal framework on identity theft (DG HOME)
  • Study on Online Consumer Reviews in the Hotel Sector (DG SANCO)
  • Evaluation of ESF support for enhancing access to the labour market and the social inclusion of migrants and minorities (DG EMPL)

In addition to carrying out work for the Commission, CSES has also undertaken evaluation assignments and other studies for clients such as the European Parliament, Committee of Regions and the EIB.

Other clients

  • Evaluation of the EIB’s Contribution to the Knowledge Economy (2007-2013) (Assistance to Operations Evaluation Division, European Investment Bank)
  • Survey of Europe 2020 Flagship Initiative European Platform Against Poverty in preparation for the 2nd CoR Monitoring Report on Europe 2020 (Committee of Regions)
  • Briefing note on the "Recovery of Rare Earths from electronic wastes" (European Parliament)
  • Briefing note on novel foods (European Parliament)
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